About Us

The Deeghuys Story:

Deeghuys was established 2011.
The Deeghuys Baking Concept was inspired by strong family values and believing that the experience of baking your own bread and pastries will become a valuable family activity and attraction.

Deeghuys was the first company in South Africa to sell prepared frozen dough products, previously only accessible to bakeries, to the Retail Market for Home-use. The Deeghuys products are cost-effective, time efficient and these easy-to-use products allow users to be creative in the preparation of the products and to enjoy it.

The Heart of Deeghuys:

Deeghuys Holdings (Pty) Ltd was procured by Jaco Vercuiel in November 2018 and the new ownership transferred. Jaco and his wife Maureen, are committed to the Deeghuys brand and Maureen is also the owner of Deeghuys Bellville. They have been in the Spitbraai, Catering and Restaurant business for more than 29 years. Jaco opened his first coffee shop in Bellville in 1997.

With their strong family values and love for food they are custodians of the Deeghuys brand and endeavour to build and grow Deeghuys further and expand the baking concept under families as far and wide as possible. They are committed to introducing and procuring new products that add value to the Deeghuys range.

The Deeghuys Concept:

The Deeghuys baking concept is a fresh approach to the baking industry and was founded with the intent of making the convenience and enjoyment of baking at home available to all customers. With Deeghuys home baking is not only cost-effective but is an effortless fun activity to be enjoyed by the entire family. With its easy-to-bake range of products, Deeghuys aims at inspiring customers to bake at home on a regular basis.

With more than 300 delicious supreme quality products in our extensive range, food lovers can find the perfect treat for every occasion. Notwithstanding such an extensive selection, Deeghuys will continue to grow their product range through ongoing food innovations.
The Deeghuys’s product offerings are categorized as follows:
Product categories: Frozen, Chilled, Baked, Ready-to-eat, Ready-made-meals, Gluten Free Range, Banting Friendly Range and goods Freshly Baked on the day.

Deeghuys is always looking to expand the current range as well as to develop new products to keep customers interested, excited and to ensure their continued support. Through continuous product development and interaction with our customers, we endeavor to offer an unique product range that caters for everyone, from the house wife, the novice in the kitchen to professional caterers including, to the food service industry. Deeghuys products will find favour with every type of baker.

Our Vision:

To be the leading retailer in frozen home baking supplies and the leading franchisor organization in providing business opportunities in the baking sector.

Our Mission:

To create successful, interdependent business opportunities through the application of a comprehensive business system within the home baking industry.
To grow and develop our franchisees, employees and service providers through sharing the entrepreneurial, innovative and visionary skills of the management of Deeghuys.
To achieve a consistently high level of performance to the benefit of all associated with Deeghuys.
To contribute towards the economic growth of our country through the empowerment of entrepreneurial individuals.
To bring baking home and to make baking fun for all of our customers!

The Deeghuys Values:

Integrity: Adhering to ethical principles. Building and inspiring trust within our group to ensure high work ethics. Being Authentic and unique.
Accountability: Taking responsibility within the management of the Franchise and the way it is executed to ensure a friendly working and shopping environment.
Building respect with Individuals: We hire and promote individuals who willingly embrace Deeghuys values and show good work ethics. Supplying training to our staff and encouraging personal growth. Working in harmony with our team members.
Client Value Creation: Listening to our customers. Building long-lasting relationships. Offering products and a service that will ensure the customers continues to support. Ensuring the customer knows that we value them and put them first.
Franchise Value Creation: Informative, going the extra mile and to be a support system for the Franchisee. Cooperating fully with franchisor representatives. Building the Level of contribution towards the brand.

At Deeghuys we strive to achieve our goals through:

– Authenticity
– Attention to detail
– Individuality
– Unconventionality
– Uniqueness.